Matthew Robinson


BY THE NUMBERS: Ivy Lax Approaches Final Week: Matt Robinson ‘18 breaks down the numbers in advance of the Ivy League Lacrosse tournaments in NYC.

BY THE NUMBERS: Ivy League Lacrosse Predictions: Matt Robinson ‘18 uses the YUSAG college lacrosse rankings to break down each Ivy League’s teams chances at postseason success.

NCAA Hockey Rankings: YUSAG college hockey rankings from Max Yuhas ’20 and Matt Robinson ‘18.

BY THE NUMBERS: The Game 2017: Matt Robinson ‘19 gives a statistical preview of the 134th playing of the Harvard-Yale football game.

BY THE NUMBERS: Ivy Title Race Heats Up: Luke Benz ‘19 and Matt Robinson ‘18 break down the numbers you need to know for the final 3 weeks of the Ivy League Football season.

BY THE NUMBERS: Ivy League Football Preview: Matt Robinson ‘18 uses the YUSAG college football model to simulate the Ivy League Football season in order to give predicted records and title odds for each team.

Rating Methods Part 3:YUSAG Linear Regression: Matt Robinson ‘18 breaks down the methodology used in the YUSAG football rankings and compares it to similar sports rating systems.

Rating Methods Part 2: Elo Ratings: Matt Robinson ‘18 breaks down the methodology behind the Elo sports rating system.

Ratings Methods Part 1: Massey Ratings: Matt Robinson ‘18 breaks down the methodology behind Ken Massey’s sports rating system.

NCAA FBS Power Rankings: Matt Robinson ‘18 introduces YUSAG’s NCAA FBS Power Rankings. (Methodology)

NCAA FCS Power Rankings: Matt Robinson’ 18 introduces YUSAG’s NCAA FCS Power Rankings. (Methodology)


BY THE NUMBERS: Harvard vs. Yale: Matt Robinson ‘18 breaks down Yale’s chances of winning “The Game” 2016.

Recruiting vs. Field Success in Ivy League Football: Matt Robinson ‘18 and Will Min ‘20 examine Yale Football’s success in recruiting as compared to the strength of the team. They also show how Yale’s talent performs relative to other teams: the answer is not very well.

Ivy League Projections - Updated Through 3 Weeks: Matt Robinson ‘18 using updated ELO and Sagarin ratings analyzes the current state of Ivy League Football and chronicles the decline in Yale’s projected wins.

BY THE NUMBERS: Previewing the Ivy League football season: This article by Matthew Robinson ‘18 is the first piece in our collaboration with the Yale Daily News. Throughout this year we will be analyzing Ivy League sports and publishing them in the Yale Daily News and on our website here. In this article, he introduces ELO ratings for the Ivy League and projects the Ivy League standings using the ELO ratings and Sagarin Ratings.