June 22, 2018
Daniel Tokarz ‘20 debuts a new R Shiny app for making team-specific draft curves.
June 12, 2018
Daniel Tokarz ‘20 uses the new YUSAG World Cup model to break down each group in advance of the tournament’s kickoff.
June 11, 2018
 Luke Benz ‘19 and Dan Tokarz ‘20 dive into the math underlying their World Cup poisson model in advance of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
June 11, 2018
Sam Vancini (Tulane ‘19) makes his debut as a guest columnist with a new model for predicting the NBA draft.
May 11, 2018
Dan Tokarz ‘20 takes a team dive into NBA per-game team stats for his S&DS 230 final project.
April 26, 2018
Matt Robinson ‘18 breaks down the numbers in advance of the Ivy League Lacrosse tournaments in NYC.
April 18, 2018
Luke Benz ‘19 turns to Ivy League Baseball Wins Above Replacement to identify the most valuable players in the Ancient Eight.