Daniel Tokarz

Summer 2018

NBA Draft Curves: Daniel Tokarz ‘20 debuts a new R Shiny app for making team-specific draft curves.

World Cup Group Stage Preview: Daniel Tokarz ‘20 uses the new YUSAG World Cup model to break down each group in advance of the tournament’s kickoff.

World Cup Model Methodology: Luke Benz ‘19 and Dan Tokarz ‘20 dive into the math underlying their World Cup poisson model in advance of the 2018 FIFA World Cup.


Per-Game NBA Team Stats: Dan Tokarz ‘20 takes a team dive into NBA per-game team stats for his S&DS 230 final project.

NBA Playoff Simulator: Dan Tokarz ‘20 introduces an new R Shiny app for simulating an NBA playoff series between any two NBA teams.

NBA Model Math: Daniel Tokarz ‘20 explains some of the math behind the YUSAG NBA Model, as well as our prediction models in general

NBA Code:  Daniel Tokarz ‘20 goes through the R scripts he uses to maintain the YUSAG NBA Rankings

NBA Playoff Predictions: Daniel Tokarz ‘20 debuts his NBA playoff simulations, with playoff odds, expected wins, and lottery odds for each team.

NBA Rankings: Daniel Tokarz ‘20 applies the YUSAG method to create NBA Power Rankings.

Fantasy Football Year End Round Up: Daniel Tokarz ‘19, Guna Mandava ‘21, and Michael Blicher ‘21 introduce Fantasy “Points Above Replacement” as a better metric for evaluating fantasy football players.

Summer 2017

2017 NBA Draft Preview: Daniel Tokarz uses analytics to break down the 2017 NBA draft, including who won the Celtics-Sixer pick swap.

NBA Draft Pick Value: Daniel Tokarz ’20 does an deep dive into seed vs. pick value in the NBA draft, examines the talent drop off after the first three picks, and creates and new metric for determining when to trade picks.


NFL Timeout Tendencies: Evan Green ‘17 and Daniel Tokarz ’20 examine timeout strategy in the NFL.

BY THE NUMBERS: Ivy League Lacrosse Predictions: Daniel Tokarz ’20 and Luke Benz ‘19 break down the odds for the Yale Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse teams to reach the postseason.

English Premier League Value Ratings (Part 1): Daniel Tokarz ’20 examines Goaltender value in the EPL. This is the first part in a larger series examining player value in the top flight of English soccer.